Tif's Artist Statement

Illustrations have enhanced the written word for centuries and I aim to both continue and, in a way, reverse this tradition.  Having been a journalism and art student, I have experience with both visual and textual communication; yet, I have never felt complete confining myself to either medium.

What I bring to illustration is a more intimate coupling of the two forms of self-expression.  While some will write, inspired by a beautiful painting and others paint, to strengthen pre-existing text, I hope to direct my efforts at communicating the emotional reality that underlies both.  It is that personal essence I want to transmit to my viewers and readers—neither words nor visuals take precedence.

With my current work, I want people of all backgrounds to relate to emotional experiences from my past.  By combining these illustrations with written works, it is my hope that the art will have an immediate impact, setting the mood and hopefully inviting the viewer to read the accompanying text in its intended emotional light.  The text itself will put the illustration in a more definite personal context, drawing out further meaning.  In the end, I hope that both the writing and illustrations will enhance each other, communicating in ways that would be impossible for either medium to achieve alone.

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